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It Doesn't Matter What You're Doing, If they ain't Talking, You ain't Doing! 
Lucie McQuilkan
Tami Smith is nothing short of an explosion of excitement and inspiration. Tami is a showstopper, show-starter, exhibitionist and talented actress. I met Tami at an event we were both part of called “How to be a Diva” – it involved a mix of fashion and wellbeing. I was immediately captivated by Tami’s enthusiasm, energy and unique ideas.

Tami became an absolute ‘must’ to all of my fashion events – I only wish I had met her sooner. Tami radiates: she captives, she inspires and excites.
Michael Silberling
Tami undertook a consultancy role within our largest and most challenging UK properties. She carried out her tasks in a unique and engaging manner, getting to know all aspects of the business and build relationship's with employees which has provided the Company with a route map and checklist to continue to build and improve upon in the future.
Amber Sierra

Tami is both such an amazing person and tutor with a magical aura. Wow, she is the ultimate role model. The first time I met Tami was at a Playboy Casting to become a Bunny, she brought my confidence up straight away and throughout the whole casting, Tami was filming the auditions, she is super enthusiastic and full of happiness with ever lasting, positive energy. Honestly, I felt so much positive energy from her, I got the job! Tami is multi talented with tutoring, speaking, entertaining, storytelling, and performing, she has the full package. I highly recommend all of her skills and tutoring she has to offer! I feel so honoured to have met her in my life. Tami is an amazing, naturally gifted woman :)


Patric Seng

I love Tami! She's a darling and an absolute gem, her aurora and beautiful personality, such an inspirational influencer! The world needs more people like Tami, who always share her kindness, love and compassion with the others. Thank you Tami, yours truly

Anita Loveriche

It was always such a delight to work with Tami. Her energy, intelligence, vitality, beauty & spirit shines through in every moment. Tami is a master in her realm and she embraces all her characters with such gusto, she engages everyone in her performances, it's hard not to fall in love with her. Tami’s professionalism and reliability is first class. Highly recommended. Thank you Tami, you brought so much love & light & laughter into our lives in Aotearoa, New Zealand.


Steve Glynn

Tami lived up to her billing. She has huge energy and a massive personality that seems to fill the room. I was really interested in her work because I knew it would benefit my business also. Her ability to engage the individuals she is trying to reach and build trust with is excellent and her knowledge and experience in how to communicate effectively allowed her to achieve impressive insights and be able to suggest solutions in a very short period of time for someone who was not familiar with our environment.

Michelle Simpson 
Tami Smith is a dynamic, energetic and engaging presenter and facilitator. She creates such synergy between her audience and the topic in a unique, innovative and unforgettable way. She puts 100% into every project, does her homework, and is gifted at making lasting relationships and getting results.
Eric Miller

It was such a joy to work with Tami, she is an absolute revelation! I've never met anyone that can bring such energy and positivity when it's needed. She certainly didn't have an easy job to engage some of the crowd but they were fully invested in no time at all. Trust in Tami.

Christina Kilmister
  • Tami is like no other! With a heart of gold, a wealth of knowledge and a fun personality Her drive and energy inspires and empowers all around her. I would highly recommend anyone who has the opportunity to work with Tami...do it!


Ian Woodward
Tami brings such energy, warmth and enthusiasm to any task or role she undertakes. Her ability to connect with people, excite them and gain commitment ensures the outcome and delivery is spot on and achieved in a positive and lasting manner. It was a pleasure working with Tami and having her on our team during new brand launch and the associated large scale recruitment campaign where she was integral to the facilitation and execution of.


Yulia Naidenko

When I saw Tami Smith on stage, straight away I knew I needed to have some lessons with her. She seemed so natural and energetic on stage. I loved her stage presence! She helped me greatly building my confidence and ability to communicate with my audience. Tami was very patient and kind. Absolutely incredible experience!



Jerry Haasch

You will not find another individual like Tami. She is very knowledgeable on her subject matter and “quick on her feet” too. She is also intuitive and often anticipates my concerns and keeps the training flowing on course. An added bonus is a keen and sharp sense of humor interspersed among the various topics covered in her training sessions. Tami captures my attention the entire time we have been in session. I did not look at my iPhone once, which was a first in my entire career! She captivates large crowds in similar fashion.