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Comedy Characters

For original and captivating entertainment you can hire Tami in character to add some hilarity to your event sure to get everyone in a good mood. Tami in character can operate as a guest appearance, hostess, a mix and mingle and a meet and greet act. Tami's eccentric characters are fabulously engaging and absolutely a positive memorable experience for your attending guests. Lets get your Party Started!  


Meet all of Tami's nine Characters in her ONE WOMAN SHOW!
Each of Tami's characters are from her own life's experiences.  They share their  passions, pains, confessions, love and fears.  All the while exploring, exploiting, and embracing the human factor.   You're be truly entertained! 
Big Personality, Multiple Personas, Amazing Ad lib, Vibrant, Passionate, Perfect Timing, Charisma, Creative, Enthusiasm, Compassion, First Class, Wow Factor

Bring It On!

Lights Camera Action


Vegas Vinny

I’m the Man, I’m the Master Blaster, The Boss with the Hot Sauce, Your Joy Toy Billionaire Recluse!” 

I'm Slick as Vaseline, Baby!
I'm Large and in Charge

Big Cars & Movie Stars!  Oh yeah ... Twisted Steel & SEX Appeal

I'm All That!

Like Elvis, I'm 

Barbie Jewels

She is definitely legally blonde, likeable and prissy. Shopping is her passion. She believes all you need in life is “Money Men and Makeup.” She’s no ditzy doll or an airhead bimbo babe. Nor is she crazy mixed up. She feminine, genuine, and smart from the heart! Independent, resplendent! Jewels is a total work of art!

Foxy Kitty

She is classy, calm and confident.  She definitely knows what she is talking about – Sex Appeal.  Her experiences are surprisingly worldly and mysterious.  She shares the ‘how to’ unleash our inner boldness with style through talk, dance, and in private.  Everything she does is upscale – totally tasteful.

mystical Destiny 

She has purpose and clarity. 
She seeks the truth and shares her wisdom. 
“In every passing moment is a change to turn it all around … Be Magnificent!”
Imagine what you thought not possible and know the impossible is possible; adventures.
Await the open heart.

Classy Candice

“Self-assurance can be such an aphrodisiac when done in a genuine -- not look-at-me -- way,” says Sloan. “People glow when they feel good about themselves and that’s simply sexy!”

Educated, Determined, Inspired  Feminine, Genuine, Smart, Independent, Resplendent ... 

a Total Work of Art! 

Talkie Thelma

She’s a senior citizen who’s lived a life worth sharing.  Regrets … yes, but the lessons learned were worth it all.  “If you woke up breathing, congratulations, you have another chance!”   Oh my goodness, you'll be sure to learn a thing or two from the little life lessons that pop out of her purse!


Sister Evangeline

She’s a Sanctified and Dignified travelling Evangelist, who sales some real powerful potent potions to cure any ills, if you believe – you’re sure to be healed. In her past, she was a Sinner indeed. She was the Swamp Boogie Queen. She could dance the wax right off the floor. She wore short skirts and high heels; Lust Bust – She created a Big Fuss. Now, Hallelujah! She’s born again Saved! 

NitPick Nellie

“I advice against it … it’s simply not the way things are done … This will never be accepted.”  Nellie is nervous, upset, and confused.  She suffers from anxiety and delusions.  Nothing is ever right, she is a frustrated woman!  The worst - she’s in management! 
Radiate confidence

Ready Set Go! 

At Your Service

Let the Adventures Begin! 

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