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Tami captivates audiences with a simple, clear, step-by-step approach to deliver a more dynamic self image everyday with everyone. What’s in it for you? Lots of potent strategies to improve your communication skills, gain more customers and increases profits.  

A Keynote and/or Training Program

How to Be a Dynamic Communicator Everyday with Everyone

Learn to talk to practically anybody you meet and put unforgettable charm into even the briefest encounters.  Establish instant rapport with anyone and carry on a sparkling conversation with ease.  Initiate important business contacts with confidence, or get acquainted with new and interesting people for fun and friendship.

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A Keynote and/or Training Program 

Stand Up and Speak with Confidence

This practical course focuses on the speech development and use of personal dynamics in your presentation.  You will learn how to bring appropriate emotion to unemotional material, ‘work’ the room, develop charisma, rehearse for maximum impact, and handle the situation when things go wrong.

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A Keynote and/or Training Program

Relationship selling 

The truth is: Sales success depends primarily on your ability to connect with others and your customer relations skills. In this course, you will:
Discover the essential elements of the selling process
Overcome your communication barriers
Recognise your strengths
Learn how to apply a simple sales model that produces results!

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Loads of Freebies, Tons of Resources, Group Events, and One to One Coaching 
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Quickie Guides, Giveaways & random special guest speakers



eLearning Training Material - written, audios & videos



Virtual Live  Group Training  - 90 mins



Virtual One to One Coaching - 60 mins