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Mistress of Ceremonies
One Woman Show

Keynotes & Trainings
One-to-One Coaching

Dynamic Presence
Conversational Skills

Public Speaking
Relationship Selling


Master of Arts in Speech Communication
Bachelor of Arts in Marketing


For over 30 years, in seven countries, I've delivered hundreds of public presentations, have personally visited thousands of worldwide businesses generating new accounts and have represented a diversity of clients at trade shows and special events.
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MC & Characters

Tami ignites the room! She incites and excites her audiences and there is never a dull moment, that’s a promise! Tami knows to keep the energy up and the spotlight on the others. You will love her enthusiasm! Her passion for life shows from head to toe!

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Keynotes & Trainings

What sets Tami apart from the rest? She not only educates you, but she entertains you too! Combining a unique, yet highly effective delivery with valuable knowledge and expertise, Tami captivates audiences with a simple, clear, step-by-step approach to delivering a dynamic self image everyday with everyone.

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One-to-One Coaching

Learn to talk to practically anybody you meet and put unforgettable charm into even the briefest encounters. Establish instant rapport with anyone and carry on a sparkling conversation with ease. Initiate important business contacts with confidence, or get acquainted with new and interesting people for fun and friendship. Find out what’s holding you back from getting to know new people, and make changes so your most confident personality can shine through!

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