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Why did you create these characters?

Great Question, I must confuse, they came to me, they are all part of my life experiences.  My characters, all nine of them are as real as I am, if fact I often wonder if they are more alive than me.  When I perform in costume the character literally takes over, it’s such a ride, I never feel more invigorated then when I ‘become’ one of my characters.  The true test for me, is when I’m to perform more than one of my characters in a night, it’s amazing how once one is ‘let out’ the others want to come out and play too!

Are you funny?

That’s a Laugh! Gosh, I Think So, Why?  I love to make people laugh, because for that one moment, they forget any troubles they may have.  I was Most Humorous and Most Talented in High School. Since then, I’ve felt it’s my job to get the party going.  And I will say, my characters love center stage!

Do you ever offend anyone?

I can proudly answer, No! I’ve never had a client complain, why?  Because, it’s of utmost importance to gauge my humour to be appropriate.  Whether the audience is senior, high class, or children I will always leave a smile on all faces.  I do not like to cut down anyone, nor do I like to be cut down.  I say, keep it Light and FUN

Can you do impersonations?

My characters Jewels and Benny are often thought of as Elvis and Barbie, but I am more of an Unique Persona of a particular type of person rather than a specific person.  It’s All in Good Fun

How long are your skits?

Each Skit can be from a minute to twenty, and a character show can be from thirty minutes to two hours.  You decide, because each event is unique and special. I always find out as much as possible, so I can customize a show for YOU.

How many characters can you perform in a night?

A favorite combo for clients is to have me perform three or four of my top characters.  Many times, I perform just one of my characters, which works out well, because many of the guests thinks I’m really this person as I mingle and join in on activities at the special event.   To perform all nine of my characters is a full production, it’s certainly a night to remember.

What type of events normally hire your characters?

That’s been the amazing part of Tamitime, I’ve perform at Product Launches, Team Building Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, High School Socials, Mystery Nights, Staff Meetings, Festivals, and Children’s Events.  It’s Exciting to the Guests to Have a Bigger Than Life Character come and Mingle among them and put on a Show, Wow … It’ s Tamitime!

What Clients and Students are Saying

  • Wendy Callaghan
    What a difference Tami has made to Confidence and Self Esteem.
    Our son Jack is dyslexic, and with that comes many learning challenges.
  • Rachel Brown
    Tami Smith is an inspirational woman with a lot to offer.  She has been tutoring me for almost a year, over that period of time; she has helped me bring out my confidence.
  • Jane Grant
    My 11 year old daughter is a reserved little girl but after attending drama class's with Tami she has really come out of her shell.
    At one fantastic event held by Tami my daughter much to my surprise stood up and sang solo in front of about 60 people!
  • Murray Swan
    Vibrant...Sexy....Fun....Fabulous....and Stunning!!!
    Having worked with Miss Tami Smith on a variety of Events including The Christchurch Oscars....Tami brings a very special kind of magic to her performance...
  • Afghan Aid


    Tami is a wonderful lady, bursting with energy and entertaining everyone who comes in her path. She is extremely professional, personable and friendly...


  • Nilda Brown
    My girls, Rachael and Cosmiana have really benefitted from speech and drama lessons with you.
    Their confidence has increased, their schoolwork improved
  • Scarlet Sisters Circus
    As mistress of ceremonies, Tami made the shows unforgettable. Whether as a nitpicking spinster, a disgruntled ex-wife or a self-aggeandized ladies man,
  • Garnet Station
    Tami adds a zing to your event, her costumes, caricatures and professionalism are exceptional.
  • Issis Events
    Vivacious, confident and captivating are just a few words to describe Tami Smith. Her performance as MC for the Auckland heats of Miss Lingerie Model NZ 2009 made our event come to life.
  • Diamond Entertainment
    We have had the pleasure of working with Tami on several occassions. On each occassion Tami's unique and exuberant personality

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