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Darbo Europe
Fantasy Wedding Shoot - Stunning! I'm the Mother of the Bride holding my Gorgeous Chihuahua!
Vodafone Mobile
Make the Most of Now! I'm the redhead wearing a pink smock in the 'Boob' Shop.
Rabo plus bank
Affluent Anonymous Support Group for the Super Wealthy. Sweetpea, my Chihuahua is on the lap of the Brazilian Football guy. I'm Gold Lady. Look what happens when you wear too much jewelry.
Vodafone at home
A man checking emails, spills his wine when he sees my image on his computer screen.
Super Sale is on, the Gorgeous Blonde is Edie and I’m Brie the redhead from Desperate Housewives.
Rexona Worldwide
Futurist World - Flying pods, Robodogs, Holographic alarmed cars, Bossbots and me - the office receptionist.
Continental soup
The fire sprinklers go on in the office. I'm trying to gather the documents off the conference table.
Big Blonde Wigs - Hilarious! I'm in the middle of Fun, holding my Chihuahua.

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Apple Mac Notebook Giveaway
It was lots of Fun being the Radio Voice for the Sex in the City Movie Promotion
This was at one of my Drama Academy Special Events.
The Vixens often perform at my special event parties.  They are neo-burlesque dancers with a contemporary take on the traditional striptease performances of the early vaudeville style, with crowd pleasing dance routines offering a range of costumes and music. www.thevixens.co.nz


This was also at one of my Drama Academy Special Events.

This was also at one of my Drama Academy Special Events.  Tracey Collins is an amazing Accordionist with an extensive range of music that she is able to play, and her consummate ability as a complete entertainer, make her the perfect choice for any function. www.traceycollins.co.nz


What Clients and Students are Saying

  • DID Mystery Thriller


    It was an honor to be able to work with Tami. She is very talented and passionate with a vast acting experience...

  • Garnet Station
    Tami adds a zing to your event, her costumes, caricatures and professionalism are exceptional.
  • Rachel Brown
    Tami Smith is an inspirational woman with a lot to offer.  She has been tutoring me for almost a year, over that period of time; she has helped me bring out my confidence.
  • Wain Agencies
    We as a team of volunteers in the numbers of eighty plus have found Tami a pleasure to work with, her professional manner and dedication to the event compliments her stage performance which is a highlight of the day’s event.
  • Cosmiana Brown
    I’ve learnt so much from Tami’s drama academy. Not only has she boosted my self confidence, she’s given me a reason to wake up every morning
  • Nilda Brown
    My girls, Rachael and Cosmiana have really benefitted from speech and drama lessons with you.
    Their confidence has increased, their schoolwork improved
  • Wendy Callaghan
    What a difference Tami has made to Confidence and Self Esteem.
    Our son Jack is dyslexic, and with that comes many learning challenges.
  • Murray Swan
    Vibrant...Sexy....Fun....Fabulous....and Stunning!!!
    Having worked with Miss Tami Smith on a variety of Events including The Christchurch Oscars....Tami brings a very special kind of magic to her performance...
  • Jane Grant
    My 11 year old daughter is a reserved little girl but after attending drama class's with Tami she has really come out of her shell.
    At one fantastic event held by Tami my daughter much to my surprise stood up and sang solo in front of about 60 people!
  • It’s Okay to Be Ginger

    You were a great personality to have on-set. You embodied the character fully...


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