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What's in it for you?


The truth is... success in life depends primarily on your communication and relationship skills. You will discover the essential elements to maximize your ability to communicate clearly and effectively whether on stage or off. You will uncover your communication barriers, recognize your strengths and learn how to apply simple techniques that produce results. "You wont just take notes; you'll participate in role-play, take part in group activities and have lots of fun!"


  • Master Character Development
  • Discover Your Uniqueness
  • Build your Self Esteem
  • Find your Dramatic Passion
  • Stand Up and Speak with Confidence


  • Greater self confidence with others
  • Improved awareness of personal grooming, body language and voice modulation
  • Organize your thoughts for a dynamic delivery
  • Enjoy the moment and deliver your 'best'
  • Recognize your 'personal worth' and be proud
  • Can pick up on the nonverbal 'cues' of the audience
  • Tolerance and compassion for others and yourself
  • Learn that Listening is just as important as speaking


To insure each student receives the personal attention necessary to achieve their goals, enrollment is kept at a maximum of six students per class. Group Classes are very beneficial to learn how to work well with other actors or people in general.  But there comes a time when private instruction is optimal.  You will be the only person in the spotlight, sometimes in life this is the case, how will you handle it.  Private Lessons are all about You.  It’s your time, you will have an individually customize approach to target your specific personal goals, plus you choose the time, place, and duration of your ‘coaching’ session, this is where the real work begins!

Drama FAQ

My child is shy …
Whether your child is quiet and shy or energetic and outgoing, Tami and the other instructors will nurture their spirit and channel their energy into a positive outcome.  Best of all, there is no experience necessary, Tami caters for all skill levels and your child can start today.

What are the Positive Outcomes I can expect?
You will  have more self confidence, self esteem and enthusiasm because you will have developed more advanced communication and social skills.

How will my child improve?
Each student will definitely improve their self confidence through learning techniques to control their nerves, recognize their on unique strengths, and present themselves with enthusiasm.

Do you have a Costume Collection?
Tami has lived in seven countries, you will love her twenty year costume collection – dresses, suits, shoes, wigs, hats, masks, and jewelry for women, men, and children!  Each student has full excess to the amazing collection.


What Clients and Students are Saying

  • DID Mystery Thriller


    It was an honor to be able to work with Tami. She is very talented and passionate with a vast acting experience...

  • Kidney Society Auckland
    "You were a real hit on the night as Hotsie and Benny and your presenting style and presence helped make the evening the success it was."
  • Afghan Aid


    Tami is a wonderful lady, bursting with energy and entertaining everyone who comes in her path. She is extremely professional, personable and friendly...


  • Wain Agencies
    We as a team of volunteers in the numbers of eighty plus have found Tami a pleasure to work with, her professional manner and dedication to the event compliments her stage performance which is a highlight of the day’s event.
  • Jane Grant
    My 11 year old daughter is a reserved little girl but after attending drama class's with Tami she has really come out of her shell.
    At one fantastic event held by Tami my daughter much to my surprise stood up and sang solo in front of about 60 people!
  • Wendy Callaghan
    What a difference Tami has made to Confidence and Self Esteem.
    Our son Jack is dyslexic, and with that comes many learning challenges.
  • Murray Swan
    Vibrant...Sexy....Fun....Fabulous....and Stunning!!!
    Having worked with Miss Tami Smith on a variety of Events including The Christchurch Oscars....Tami brings a very special kind of magic to her performance...
  • Nilda Brown
    My girls, Rachael and Cosmiana have really benefitted from speech and drama lessons with you.
    Their confidence has increased, their schoolwork improved
  • Cosmiana Brown
    I’ve learnt so much from Tami’s drama academy. Not only has she boosted my self confidence, she’s given me a reason to wake up every morning
  • Garnet Station
    Tami adds a zing to your event, her costumes, caricatures and professionalism are exceptional.

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