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instructor_tamiWhen you ask Tami’s drama students what they think of her, these are some of the descriptive words and phrases used:
Believes in Me, Passionate, Interested, Focus Individually, Good Listener, Humourous, Imaginative, Energetic, Knowledgeable, and FUN
"Drama Academy Mission Statement - FUN with a Purpose – Laugh Learn Inspire"
Nothing gives me greater pleasure then to be in the moment with children or adults who have a desire to learn and come out of their comfort zone. I know something is about to happen when I see it in their eyes, I live for that moment. For me, it all begins when there’s a connection, an understanding and a respect for each other – teacher/student. 
Once that is established anything is possible, I am blessed to have experienced so much in my professional career, I’m honored to give back and there’s no better way than through teaching and sharing my gifts.  My goal is to have each student improve self esteem, build confidence, strengthen conversational skills and develop social skills.  To do that I must be able to guide the student to a place of understanding where they can see their own self worth and unique identity, once this discovery is made, the student is on their way to living a more fulfilled life as they begin to live in their own uniqueness.  Seeing this happen in so many lives … is my greatest joy. - Tami Smith

What Clients and Students are Saying

  • Murray Swan
    Vibrant...Sexy....Fun....Fabulous....and Stunning!!!
    Having worked with Miss Tami Smith on a variety of Events including The Christchurch Oscars....Tami brings a very special kind of magic to her performance...
  • Scarlet Sisters Circus
    As mistress of ceremonies, Tami made the shows unforgettable. Whether as a nitpicking spinster, a disgruntled ex-wife or a self-aggeandized ladies man,
  • Garnet Station
    Tami adds a zing to your event, her costumes, caricatures and professionalism are exceptional.
  • DID Mystery Thriller


    It was an honor to be able to work with Tami. She is very talented and passionate with a vast acting experience...

  • Wendy Callaghan
    What a difference Tami has made to Confidence and Self Esteem.
    Our son Jack is dyslexic, and with that comes many learning challenges.
  • Kidney Society Auckland
    "You were a real hit on the night as Hotsie and Benny and your presenting style and presence helped make the evening the success it was."
  • Cosmiana Brown
    I’ve learnt so much from Tami’s drama academy. Not only has she boosted my self confidence, she’s given me a reason to wake up every morning
  • Jane Grant
    My 11 year old daughter is a reserved little girl but after attending drama class's with Tami she has really come out of her shell.
    At one fantastic event held by Tami my daughter much to my surprise stood up and sang solo in front of about 60 people!
  • Rachel Brown
    Tami Smith is an inspirational woman with a lot to offer.  She has been tutoring me for almost a year, over that period of time; she has helped me bring out my confidence.
  • It’s Okay to Be Ginger

    You were a great personality to have on-set. You embodied the character fully...


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