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Tami Smith - The Actress

It’s never acting for Tami whether delivering lines in a play, film or delivering a speech, she believes the most powerful tool is the truth.  It’s the moment when both the audience and actor forget it’s an ‘act’.  The stage allows for such truth and Tami definitely delivers.
Since Tami was a little girl, she's been performing.  Through the years, she enjoys hosting variety shows - actors, singers, dancers and musicians come together for a fun filled event, often to raise money for charity.

Tami has starred in over 60 stage productions and has won numerous dramatic awards.  Theater is her passion, she prefers live performances for the thrill of it, there’s no second chance, you don't get a second chance at a first impression.
Tami's electrifying one-woman show poignantly explores, exploits and embraces the human factor.  You'll love her characters, each have a message that shares the funny side of life's mishaps.  

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What Clients and Students are Saying

  • DID Mystery Thriller


    It was an honor to be able to work with Tami. She is very talented and passionate with a vast acting experience...

  • Cosmiana Brown
    I’ve learnt so much from Tami’s drama academy. Not only has she boosted my self confidence, she’s given me a reason to wake up every morning
  • Afghan Aid


    Tami is a wonderful lady, bursting with energy and entertaining everyone who comes in her path. She is extremely professional, personable and friendly...


  • Garnet Station
    Tami adds a zing to your event, her costumes, caricatures and professionalism are exceptional.
  • Rachel Brown
    Tami Smith is an inspirational woman with a lot to offer.  She has been tutoring me for almost a year, over that period of time; she has helped me bring out my confidence.
  • Kidney Society Auckland
    "You were a real hit on the night as Hotsie and Benny and your presenting style and presence helped make the evening the success it was."
  • Scarlet Sisters Circus
    As mistress of ceremonies, Tami made the shows unforgettable. Whether as a nitpicking spinster, a disgruntled ex-wife or a self-aggeandized ladies man,
  • Wendy Callaghan
    What a difference Tami has made to Confidence and Self Esteem.
    Our son Jack is dyslexic, and with that comes many learning challenges.
  • It’s Okay to Be Ginger

    You were a great personality to have on-set. You embodied the character fully...

  • Nilda Brown
    My girls, Rachael and Cosmiana have really benefitted from speech and drama lessons with you.
    Their confidence has increased, their schoolwork improved

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