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What types of audiences does Tami speak to?
Tami speaks primarily to salespeople, customer service people, managers, executives, business owners and other professionals. Often, when speaking for a corporate client, Tami will address the entire company, because every person in a business has a direct or indirect effect on sales, customers and profits
Does Tami customize her material?

You bet. Depending on the project, Tami will use a variety of research methodologies to learn about your industry, products, services, goals, challenges, customers and/or competition. By the time she goes on stage, Tami typically has the knowledge of an industry insider.

Can Tami facilitate our entire sales meeting?
Certainly, Tami is an experienced facilitator. Just click here to discuss your needs.
Will Tami attend dinners, lunches, breakfasts and/or cocktail parties to meet our people?
Absolutely! Tami always arrives at your event early and is happy to mix and mingle with your people.
If our meeting runs long, can Tami cut her presentation down?
Of course, Tami understands how aggravating it can be when things get behind schedule, which is why she prides herself on always ending on time. If your event is already running behind schedule, Tami will ask you if you want her to speak for her full time or cut her presentation short.
Is Tami easy to work with?
Very!  She prides herself on her flexibility and knows it’s also her job to make you ‘shine’ too, so she has an enormous amount of empathy and appreciation for what you do. Click here to read her ten-point promise to you.
Does Tami follow a Code of Ethics?

Yes, Tami believes above all is self respect and the respect for others.  Tami’s mindful of others needs and expectations.  Click Read More to read her code of ethics

Where does Tami travel from?
Tami lives in London, England and flies out of Heathrow International Airport. She may travel to your event from another location or go from your event to another somewhere else.  In those cases, travel expenses are split so you save money.
What is Tami’s speaking fees?
It depends on what kind of presentation you want (keynote speech, half-day seminar, etc.) and how many presentations you’d like.  For complete fee information, please click here to work out what best suits you.
Can I book Tami through a speaker’s bureau?
Yep. Just call your favorite bureau. When you do, be sure to specify Tami Smith from London, England.
Is it cheaper if I book Tami directly instead of through a bureau?
No. Tami’s speaking fee is the same either way.
What if We’re Not Satisfied?
The best news, over Tami’s twenty-five year career, she has never had a negative outcome.  She is always prepared to make every situation have a positive outcome.  Win/Win! 
Still have unanswered Questions?
Now that you’ve read the Frequently Asked Questions, click here to ask any questions that you may still have.

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