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Orange County Trust Association

Your personal insights, your willingness to meet and contribute with the group are much appreciated and it was a pleasure to work with you on this project. Thank you.  -  Jim Brown, Orange County Trust Association

You Photography

"A breath of fresh air."  -  Sue Bryce, You Photography

Hotel Del Coronado

"Drive, commitment and enthusiasm."  -  Susan Tuckwell, Hotel Del Coronado

Fox Studio

"Simply spectacular! Love Tami."  -  Elizabeth Abby, Fox Studios

Rachel Brown

"Love your personality and inspiration!"  -  Rachel Brown, Drama Student

Deluxe Events

"Very Talented...Energy plus!"  -  Michaiah Simmons, Deluxe Events


"Captivating, Vivacious and Alive."  -  Sally Coote, Plunket

Granite Station

"An unforgettable experience."  -  Verity George, Granite Station


"Great gestures and voice modulation."  -  Sylvia Robbins, ASLA

Oasis Financial

"Long lasting positive benefits."  -  Dr. John Gudgeon, Oasis Financial

Starship Hospital

"Unique style, dynamic and personable."  -  Amanda Carter, Starship Hospital

Lucent Technologies

"Wow...an indelible impression!"  -  Jennifer Mitchell, Lucent Technologies

Jessica Grant

"Tickles my funny bone."  -  Jessica Grant, Drama Student

Four Seasons

"Positively impressionable."  -  Terry Landers, Four Seasons

Showpros Group

"A very flowing, confident performance."  -  John Brown, Showpros Group

Jack Callaghan
“I’ve never laughed as much while learning.”  -  Jack Callaghan, Drama Student

Not only are you funny and clever, your positive attitude is quite contagious. We thoroughly enjoyed you.  -  Susan Foley, Coppertone


Your presentation was nothing short of spectacular. This is a tough group and you had them completely captivated and engaged. Thanks for making our day!  -  Michelle Manson, OCC


I am always pleased to recommend Tami Smith as a speaker. She has a unique and captivating delivery and I know you will be delighted with the results.  -  Sylvia Robins, ASLA

Onyx Corp

The materials were well prepared and positioned to fit our business model.  In addition, your comedy characters are incredible!  Wow, what fun, how creative and motivating!  -  Guy Hugh Louis, Onyx Corp

Actor Alliances

This is one of the most stimulating and effective seminars I’ve been to in a long, long time.  And I’ve attended quite a few.  -  Gina Davis, Actor Alliances


I’ve never laughed as much learning.  -  Judd Taylor, Nordstrom

Edison Electric

You were simply spectacular, fantastic, and magnetic!  Your charisma, your message, your sincerity and your expertise were worth the investment.  -  Mary Morrison, Edison Electric

American Records Assoc

Amazing! I'm sure even our most seasoned speakers picked up a number of new tips...moving from speaker to performer is an art!  -  Susan Thompson, American Records Assoc

Selling Excellence Conference

Your session was rated as excellent. When delegates were asked to suggest speakers for next year, your name appeared again and again.  -  Yvonne Bishop, Selling Excellence Conference

Johnson Consulting

Your presentation was bang-on in content and tone. The humour and analogies were great.  -  Henry Miller, Johnson Consulting


Your style and technique held everyone's interest for the entire program and left everyone with a very positive outlook on their work life.  -  Denise Wilson, AT&T

Lighthouse Ltd

Thank you so much for being with us and speaking to the group. You really do live by your teachings; laughter is a healer and happiness does create harmony.  -  Pasteur Henderson, Lighthouse Ltd


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