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Meeting Customers for the First Time

“What Happens First Can Make or Break the Deal!”

The selling process should be Fun! Meeting new people and sharing ideas is just good business. We do it every day without even thinking about it. But, for some reason, we freeze up when meeting customers for the first time, why? Fear of rejections... Learn how to create fantastic first impressions that last.

This training is Sensational... You won't just take notes... You'll be part of the show! The presentation begins with a comedy selling skit. You'll meet Suzie Know Nothing the Receptionist, Nit Pick Nillie the Office Manager, Angry Al the Business Owner, and Big Bob the Security Guard! You've met these characters on a sales call, right?  You will learn the communication coping skills to deal with these difficult people. Also, you'll learn the awesome magic of Promotional Selling! Tami says, "Selling is a 'Special Delivery', forget about the Sale...have fun, make a friend!" Remember people buy from people they like! You'll catch the Selling fever! Nothing measures up better than advertising face to face!

This training course is custom made to fit your Sales Team's needs, wants and expectations. The training can be a keynote or a half, full, or two day program.

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