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How to be a Dynamic Communicator Everyday with Everyone

"Be" Yourself - Graciously

Learn to talk to practically anybody you meet and put unforgettable charm into even the briefest encounters.  Establish instant rapport with anyone and carry on a sparkling conversation with ease.  Initiate important business contacts with confidence, or get acquainted with new and interesting people for fun and friendship.  Find out what’s holding you back from getting to know new people, and make changes so your most confident personality can shine through! 

Ideal Audience:
Sales People, Account Representatives, Sales Managers, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Shop Owners, ‘Home Business’ Owners, Self Employed, Unemployed, Customer Service Representatives, Receptionists and Fund-Raisers

Main Points:
Enjoy this entertaining and inspirational program, which will be fun and filled with wise and useful tips for a more exciting and meaningful Speaking Life!

  • Learn 4 ways to embrace your fears and make them work for you
  • Discover 7 ways you can make a powerful first impression
  • Master 5 steps to communicating ideas with clarity and conciseness
  • Avoid the 4 most common body language errors
  • What is Silent Communication? Are you using it?
  • And more. . .

Duration: Keynote, Half or One Day

Benefits and Outcomes:
  • Discover your confident You
  • Uncover your unique charismatic qualities
  • Enjoy greater self-confidence when communicating with others
  • Improve your awareness of personal grooming, body language and voice modulation, such as  pitch, volume, and pace
  • Pick up on nonverbal cues from the people you communicate with

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