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Getting and Keeping Customers


The truth is: Sales success depends primarily on your communication and customer relationship skills. In this course, you will:

  • discover the essential elements of the selling process
  • overcome your communication barriers
  • recognize your strengths
  • learn how to apply a simple sales model that produces results!
Ideal Audience:
Sales People, Account Representatives, Sales Managers, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Shop Owners, Home Business Owners, Self-Employed, Unemployed, Customer Service Representatives, Receptionists and Fund-Raisers

Main Points:
  • What is Selling?
  • Define Yourself as a Product – How Are You "Packaging" Yourself?
  • Success in Selling – What does It Take?
  • Communication: It Takes Two
  • The Psychology of Selling – Why People Buy
  • Prospecting Power
  • Planning the Sales Call – Pre-Approach
  • Getting the Appointment – And Then What?
  • Sales Presentation – It’s Showtime!
  • Closing and Negotiation
  • Service and Follow Up
Duration: Keynote, Half, One or Two Days

Benefits and Outcomes:
  • Improve your awareness of personal grooming, body language and voice modulation, such as pitch, volume, pace
  • Understand nonverbal cues while communicating with others
  • Set more effective sales goals and schedules for servicing existing customers and gaining new ones
  • Know the right questions to ask to build trust with prospects and customers
  • Gain the confidence to make cold calls and fantastic first impressions
  • Improve your skills in building rapport with prospects, which will feel just like making new friends
  • Enjoy greater self-confidence when communicating with potential customers
  • Deliver sales presentations professionally and with complete ease
  • Get the right knowledge and mental attitude to prepare for negotiations and close the sale
  • Deliver excellent customer service and follow through
  • Fine tune your communication skills and improve your ability to deal with difficult prospects and customers
  • Enjoy managing your success!

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