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"You were fantastic!  We have not historically invested in motivational speakers. I’m glad we took a risk and brought you in to speak to our team."  -  Steven Miller, New York Life

"Your message was very entertaining, yet thought provoking and inspiring at the same time – just what we needed!"  -  Carl Paradise, United Airlines

"For not having much to work with (it’s a tough crowd) you really brought this group full circle. They stayed awake, they laughed and most of all they listened… I definitely recommend you to anyone looking for an incredible speaker!"  -  Ernest Ohig, Olec

"More positive feedback than any of our speakers – Ever."  -  Susan Tuckwell, Hotel Del Coronado

"The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  Thank you!"  -  Molly Smith, Kelly AFB

"Not only are you funny and clever, your positive attitude is quite contagious. We thoroughly enjoyed you."  -  Susan Foley, Coppertone

"Your presentation was nothing short of spectacular. This is a tough group and you had them completely captivated and engaged. Thanks for making our day!"  -  Michelle Manson, OCC

"I think anyone in the competitive arena has an edge if they have been coached by you. Please stay away from our competition."  -  Dr John Gudgeon, Oasis Financial

"I am always pleased to recommend Tami Smith as a speaker. She has a unique and captivating delivery and I believe you will be delighted with the results."  -  Sylvia Robbins, ALSA

"Your high-energy style and ability to tailor your presentations to a specific audience are rare qualities. Several of our associates told me that they had dreaded attending a mandatory three-hour seminar, and were surprised that the session flew by-it felt like they were there for one hour–certainly not three."  -  Philip Holmes, Holmes Manson Inc.

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"You really taught us how we can begin to develop relationships with our clients through the effective use of the telephone."  -  Gladys Brown, Financial Network

"Your custom designed materials have also been very helpful."  -  Philip Manson, Ritz International

"Your training style was embraced by all and has helped many reach all-time new sales goals."  -  Victoria Novena, American Alarm

"Not often have I come across a trainer whose material leaves its trainees with sales skills that are so easily applicable."  -  Yvonne Mersinias, Mail Boxes Etc

"The materials were well prepared and positioned to fit our business model.  In addition, your comedy characters are incredible!  Wow, what fun, how creative and motivating!"  -  Guy Hugh Louis, Fox Studios

“For the first time I’m not looking at cold calling as a yucky experience, instead it’s a promotional experience!”  -  Mary Ann Morgan, Four Seasons Hotel

"You received uniformly high marks.  We were impressed with your materials, presentation skills, and your focus on our sales goals.  You shared with us some very unique and innovative strategies of how to sale our products in our new targeted markets."  -  Paul Gonzales, Onyx Corp

"The topics you covered were right on and the information was much needed."  -  Frank Moreno

"I felt more confident about the things I am doing right, and spotlight the things that need improvement."  -        Dr. Warren Khakis, Hoag Hospital

"I left with a lot of new ideas to improve my communication skills with my employees."  -  Marianne Von den Bos, Meadowbrook Insurance

"This is one of the most stimulating and effective seminars I’ve been to in a long, long time (and I attended quite a few)."  -  Gina Davis, Actor Alliances

"I’ve never laughed as much learning. . ."  -  Judd Taylor, Nordstrom

"Never a dull moment."  -  Steven Miller, NY Life

"You were simply spectacular, fantastic, and magnetic!  Your charisma, your message, your sincerity, and your expertise were worth the investment.  You are one of a kind.  Your vivacious nature and dynamic visual program are off the charts!"  -  Mary Morrison, Edison Electric

"I enjoyed your presentation, which was both stimulating and sound.  I shall certainly be influenced by it as I go about my daily toil."  -  Jim Brown, Orange County Business Assoc.

"Amazing! I'm sure even our most seasoned speakers picked up a number of new tips...moving from speaker to performer is an art!"  -  Susan Thompson, American Records Association

"Your session was rated as excellent. When delegates were asked to suggest speakers for next year, your name appeared again and again"  -  Yvonne Bishop, Selling Excellence Conference

"Your session was full of useful, practical, and relevant examples and tips on improving communications. It was made all the more powerful by your engaging and energetic presentation style. You not only delivered the message - you modeled it!"  -  Roger Smith, The Life Insurance Institute of Chicago

"The session was a tremendous hit and you were dynamite. I can't thank-you enough and I will be sure to tell everyone and anyone I know that you are the best out there."  -  Alex Wade, Rodder Magazine

"Your presentation was bang-on in content and tone. The humour and analogies were great."  -  Henry Miller, Johnson Consulting

"Your style and technique held everyone's interest for the entire program and left everyone with a very positive outlook on their work life."  -  Denise Wilson, AT&T

"Thank you so much for being with us and speaking to the group. You really do live by your teachings; laughter is a healer and happiness does create harmony."  -  Pasteur Henderson, Lighthouse Ltd

"Your personal insights, your willingness to meet and contribute with the group are much appreciated and it was a pleasure to work with you on this project. Thank you."  -  Jim Brown, Orange County Trust Association


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