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Whether you’re a meeting planner, business owner or an individual, you want to know if Tami Smith is the Person You’re Looking For.  The Answer is Yes! Why? The testimonials throughout this website are proof you have found a person with Integrity, Charisma, Intelligence and What You See is What You Get. Tami will Customize a program to fit your unique professional needs that will suit your budget.

If You’re a Meeting Planner, your job is tough at times.
I know.  I’ve had the opportunity to assist in planning meetings for varies clients.  I’ll say, it was an eye-opening experience!

Trying to coordinate all the disparate elements necessary to pull off an effective meeting is stressful enough without speakers adding to your difficulties.  It was astonishing how often experienced, professional speakers didn’t send their materials by deadline, spent a fortune (of our money) on travel or didn’t show up to the meeting room until five minutes before they were supposed to go on stage.

The experience gave me an enormous amount of empathy and appreciation for what you do.  And as a result, I want to make your job easier.

Here are my promises to you. I will:
1. Send you everything you need before your deadline and clearly label all my files.
2. Send you powerful, proven marketing materials that will help you boost your   attendance.
3. Happily attend dinners, lunches, breakfasts or cocktail parties to meet your people.
4. Show up at the event (and the meeting room) early, so you’re not worrying where I am.
5. Be always gracious, polite, considerate and kind to everyone.
6.  Always act ethically. (I strictly adhere to the - National Speaker’s Code of Ethics.)
7. Help out if things go wrong by positively turning things around - quickly and smoothly .
8. End on time. (If the event is already running behind schedule, I’ll ask you if you want me to speak for my full time or cut my presentation short.)
9. Be easy to work with. (You don’t need a prima donna adding to your stress level.)
10. There is no job too big or too small for me. I will help out on all levels, including up set and break down.
My goal is for both of us to get heaps of praise.  I look forward to working with you to make that happen!

Speaker’s Code of Ethics:

Tami will:

  1. Accurately represent qualifications and experience in both oral and written communications.
  2. Shall act, operate her business, and speak on a high professional level so as to neither offend nor bring discredit to the speaking profession.
  3. Shall exert diligence to understand the client’s organization, approaches and goals in advance of the presentation.
  4. Shall avoid using materials, titles and thematic creations originated by others, either orally or in writing, unless approved by the originator.
  5. Shall treat other speakers with professional courtesy, dignity and respect.
  6. Shall maintain and respect the confidentiality of business or personal affairs of clients, agents and other speakers.
  7. Shall protect the public against fraud or unfair practices and shall attempt to eliminate from the speaking profession all practices which bring discredit to the profession.
  8. Shall not be a party to any agreement to unfairly limit or restrain access to the marketplace by any other speaker, client or to the public, based upon economic factors, race, creed, color, sex, age, disability or country of national origin of another speaker

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